Condo, Apartment, Highrise Risk (共管式公寓,公寓及商业大厦保险)


The basic fire policy protects the Insured against loss or damage to the property describe in the policy schedule, depending on the coverage selected. The types of coverage available are:
Basic Cover
Indemnifies the Insured against legal liability arising from both bodily injury and property damage to third party.
Perils Available
Provides cover as in "Additional Perils", extend to cover damage resulting from Aircraft Damage, Bustling of Water Tanks, Apparatus and Pipes, Earthquake & Volcanic Eruption, Explosion, Impact Damage , Subsidence & Landslip, Storm & Tempest, etc.
Comprehensive Cover
Provides covers as in "Fire & Perils", Money, Theft, Fidelity Guarantee, Public Liability, Management Liability (Error & Omission) plus optional Professional Indemnity following an incident, accident or an event of loss.

The SPA Difference

  • Loss prevention and claims advocacy
  • Customized and proactive response to service your needs
  • Strategic underwriting partnership with insurer and re-insurance facilities
  • Independent agent with access to specialty resources
  • Customized programs for general liability, excess liability and special property coverages

Customized Insurance Program
SPA delivers a comprehensive, customized insurance and risk management program designed to protect your assets, achieve operational efficiencies and attain your goals, because we have specialists in the following areas:
Program design
Risk transfer
Loss control
Claims management
Information Technology
While financing, The structure and management methods in the industry may change, the fundamental risk management issues remain the same. We understand the issues that focus on reducing the administrative burden and net cost of risk management efforts, among them:
Evidence of insurance issuance
Split billing for tenants Or locations
Lease/contract review of insurance provisions We tailor programs to fit your evolving needs.

Products and Services

Risk Consulting
To offer consulting services specifically designed for common interest properties. Online Technology Clients have access to our online Certificate of Insurance request center. Excess Liability Our specialized excess liability program offers broad coverage and high limits. Directors & Officers Liability We develop directors and officers The products are customized for common interest communities. Specialty Property Coverages Our property programs are designed to meet association and statutory requirements. Integrated Solution We design an integrated program of sophisticated products and services to provide you with a complete management liability solution.

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The Building and Public Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007 (hereinafter referred to as the "Act" 663) came into force on April 12, 2007 in Peninsular Malaysia.
Article 8 of the Act, which stipulates the powers and duties of JMB
8. The (. 1) (C) Maintaining and insuring The Building and Fire from Risk Management Agencies On May OTHER Replacement The value of the Determine The Building;
8. (1) (d) Renovation and restoration of buildings, buildings, and constructions received by the insurance management agency;
8. (3) The regulatory body should be considered
(a) the purpose (c) affecting any insurance under subparagraph (1) is equal to its replacement value or the value management agency decides to construct an insurance interest;
(b) For the purpose of insuring any insurance under subsection (1)(d), the subject matter of the insurance has an insurable interest.
The joint management agency must insure the following insurance:
1. Fire and all hazard insurance (minimum danger, collapse and landslides, riots against malicious injuries and ruptured spills)
Building - For all units are separate themselves, including all common property.
In this case, the buyer and the bank loan, the buyer needs to purchase additional insurance, and can use a separate "insurance certificate" issued from the main policy.
It should include the following terms: -
  • Reset value (accredized surveyor's valuation report, at least once every 5 years)
  • Clean up waste
  • Architect and surveyor fees
  • Lease clause
2. Public liability insurance
Legal liability pays compensation for the joint property of the building used for accidental or accidental damage to the property.
Establish a joint governing body in section 4.
(2) Section (1) establishes that the governing body shall be a body corporate with permanent inheritance and seals.
(3) The governing body may sue and be sued in its name.
(4) The management organization should include developers and buyers.
With JMB is a management agency, the company is voluntary, and now the buyer can sue the negligent commissioner. A mistake, omission or professional liability policy protects the individual responsibility of individual committees.
3. Error and omission or professional liability insurance
The insurance company will pay any breach of any claim on behalf of any insured liability for any damages caused by the insured.
Note: This policy should be placed in the newly formed joint governing body.
Risk resolution for deeds:
Product offers:
  • Fire insurance
  • Indirect fire damage
  • All risk insurance
  • Criminal insurance (burglary and money)
  • Flat glass insurance
  • Machine damage insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Property terrorism
  • Joint and Loss or Professional Indemnity Joint Management Agency (JMB) or Management Company (MC)

The most common questions (FAQ) Malaysian General Insurance Association)

We understand the importance of protecting your property. Whether you are a co-management, co-owner or homeowner association, our team knows about a cost-effective insurance program that ensures and maintains a comprehensive challenge.
We develop custom portfolio risk management solutions of all sizes and complexities. Our expert work has been extensive:
  • *owner
  • *Property management
  • *Real estate developers
  • * Facilities Management  
We offer comprehensive property insurance and risk management services, including various association documents to review insurance terms and explain new legislation, and to ensure that your procedures comply with all new regulations. We also provide life and life insurance and disability insurance for residents.

Our differences

  • * Loss prevention and claim promotion
  • * Personalized service to respond positively to your needs
  • *Strategy and insurance company and reinsurance underwriting partnership facilities
  • * Independent agents can access professional resources
  • *General responsibility, liability and excess special property coverage coverage
Custom insurance plan
We offer a comprehensive, customized insurance and risk management program designed to protect your assets, improve operational efficiency, and achieve your goals because we are experts in the following areas:

  • *programming
  • * Risk transfer
  • *loss control
  • * Claim Management
  • *Information Technology
And finance, ownership structure and industry management methods may change, and the most fundamental risk management issues are the same. The issues we understand focus on reducing the administrative burden and the net cost of risk management work, including:
  • * Insurance card issuance
  • * Split bills for tenants or locations
  • *Lease/contract review insurance clause
Our tailored solutions meet your changing needs.
Products and services
Risk consultation
In order to provide a specially designed common interest property consulting service.
Online technology
Our customers receive an online certificate for the Insurance Requirements Center.
Excess liability
Our professional excess liability program offers extensive coverage and high limits.
Director and senior management responsibility
We develop a common interest community program for directors and senior staff.
Professional light luminous panorama
Our property plan is designed to meet associations and statutory requirements.
Integrated solution
We have designed a comprehensive solution of many advanced products and services to provide a complete management responsibility solution.

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