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 Cheating Insurance
 1.  Inflating Claim
BMW Club/Callmen Everywhere
宝马俱乐部/ Callmen无处不在
 2.  RM1.2m insurance fraud charge 
 NEW STRAITS TIMES - Thursday, January 8th, 2009
新海峡时报 - 星期四,2009年1月8日
 Kurnia  Industry News
 3.  Follow the car capacity limit, warns FT Minister
 The Star - Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
星 - 星期二,2008年2月5日

 Kurnia Industy News

 4. Police arrest expert car-theft couple
THE STAR - Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
 Kurnia  Industry News
 5.  Ops Sikal to run throughout the year
THE STAR - Saturday, November 24th, 2007
 Kurnia Industry News
 6. Agents making four times the money with runaway maids
THE STAR - Monday, April 16th, 2007
 Kurnia Industry News
 7. Understand clauses to avoid surprises
NEW STRAITS TIMES - Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
新海峡时报 - 星期二,2007年4月10日

 Kurnia Industry News

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Date of Loss (损失发生的日期)Description (描述)Resolution (决议)Status(状况)Date Updated(更新日期)Classes of Insurance (保险类)Document Proof (证明文件)MemoMemo 2Memo 3Occupation/type Of Business ( 事业/业务类型)
Date of Loss (损失发生的日期)Description (描述)Resolution (决议)Status(状况)Date Updated(更新日期)Classes of Insurance (保险类)Document Proof (证明文件)MemoMemo 2Memo 3Occupation/type Of Business ( 事业/业务类型)
2009 12 27 Own Damage Claim-WHU 6726-ACE Insurance (自己的损害索赔,WHU 6726 -安达保险) Soon Hoi - Sunway Workshop Approved January 20, 2010 Motor-Own Damage     Shop Assistant (售货员) 
 ING MEDICAL INSURANCE -LIFE BENEFITS (荷兰ING医疗保险和生活福利) PAID IN 10 DAYS (为期10天的赔付金额) Approved July 17, 2010 Hospitalisation Paid Claims Cheque (支票支付的索赔)    Executive (执行工作) 
2009 12 19 Windscreen loss for Perodua Kancil (风挡玻璃损失Perodua Kancil) Submit claim with repair bill and potograph of loss.(法案提交索赔的修理和损失照片。) Approved January 20, 2010 Motor-Own Damage Claim Cheque (索赔支票)    Air Conditioner - Technician (空调 - 技术员) 
2009 12 27 Step Car Grooming Shop_WHU 6726_1APC005043 DATE PAID_2010 01 06 Approved  Motor-Own Damage Document Proof(证明文件)    Office Assistance (办公室助理) 
To be advised (要提醒) WIndscreen Claims (挡风玻璃索赔) Pending for Client Claim Form Signature (待客户理赔表格签名) Approved May 8, 2010 Motor-Own Damage Claim Files (索赔文件) Unsigned Claim Form (未签名的索偿表格)   Editor / The Driver is Brother(Businessmen) (编辑/该驱动程序是兄弟(商家) 
 TW Perunding Sdn Bhd -Windscreen Claim (TW Perunding 私人有限公司,防风罩索赔) Send to ASIMB Windscreen specialist for replacement (发送至ASIMB更换风挡玻璃专家) Approved December 28, 2009 Motor-Own Damage     Engineering Consultant (工程顾问) 
2009 10 29 MOTOR - WDX9909 TOTAL LOSS -RM10,000 OFFERED BY ASIMB (总计损失 - 1万令吉由ACE保险提供) Approved December 28, 2009 Motor-Own Damage Offer Letter & Discharge Cheque (录取通知书和索赔支票)    Police (警方侦探) 
2009 10 30 ASIMB Claims_Chang Meu Chee_WJX 6751_1APC01064-002_OwnDamage_DOA_2009 10 30_Date Paid_2009 11 09 (安达保险索赔_Chang茂名Chee_WJX 6751_1APC01064 - 002_自己 损伤_ DOA_2009 10 30_日期支付_2009 11 09) Date Paid _2009 11 09 (日期支付_2009 11 09) Approved February 26, 2010 Motor-Own Damage Document Link (文档的链接)    Housewife / Shop Assistant (家庭主妇/店务助理) 
2009 01 ?? PERSONAL ACCIDENT -MOTOR. V ACC. (个人意外车祸。) PENDING FOR FINAL PAYMT FROM AGICMB (安联一般情况下,最后付款以待) Approved January 20, 2010 Accident / Health     Office Cleaner (办公室清洁) 
2003 The Greatest Love Letter from Mother to the Sons (由母亲传染给孩子,最大的情书) Paid In 4 Days After Submission (在4天提交后支付) Approved January 26, 2010 Accident / Health A Mother's Love Letter-Sons, You Don't Have to worry for my funeral expenses (一位母亲的情书,儿子,你不用担心我的殓葬费) Greatest Love Of All (所有最伟大的爱) 所有最伟大的爱歌词  Cleaner - Bottling Company (清洁 - 装瓶公司) 
2010/03/18 Motor Vehicle Accident (汽车事故) Pending for Estimation from Soon Hin Service & Repair Sdn Bhd (Penang)(从之前的估计松尼显维修服务私人有限公司(槟城) Approved  Motor-KFK     Manager (经理) 
2010/09/13 WNJ6585 Cheque sent out by ACE Insurance on 24th Sept 2010 paid in 4 days from date of submission Approved September 19, 2010 Motor-Own Damage Photograph of Loss Bills and Claim Form   Programmer 
2010 06 25 Windscreen Claim - WHT9666 (挡风玻璃索赔 - WHT9666)  Under Process  Motor-Own Damage Document Link (文档的链接)    Manager - Building Material (经理 - 建材) 
2010 10 08 No Claim This Week List more consequences of accident to mywebsite Approved  All Risk No Claim This Week What a great week? What a great week?  No Claim This Week 
2010/09/29 Client Accidental Back Injury Submission 04/01/2011 Under Process January 4, 2011 Accident / Health Claim Form    Project Manager 
To be Advised. Breakage of Front windscreen. Advise him to go to Widscreen panel Workshop. But he want to do it on his own due to inconveniences. So submit manually. Under Process May 16, 2011 Motor-Own Damage Claim form with repair bill and photogrpah of repair before and after the repair.    Accounts Executive. 
2012 03 13 Medical Claim for syntom of blood in the stool. Settle with clinet satisfaction Approved May 10, 2012 Accident / Health Offer Letter:IMP/6439194A/0000090000098680/C111HQCL    Watch and Clock Dealer/ Retailer 
2012 07 31 Hemohoid AHP Claim Inpatient Surgival Removal Pending for Submission  All Risk    Director 
2010 12 20 Hospitalization Due to (Undisclosable to Public) Claim Settled Approved May 11, 2011 Accident / Health SIMON POON AGENCY -Claims this Week Claim cheque, Claim Form and return Pre hospitalization Bill ( Not Payable) Claim cheque, Claim Form and return Pre hospitalization Bill ( Not Payable)  Housewife/Beauty Centre Proprietor 
 Autogate Damage By Lightning (雷击损坏自动门) Advice Client with Claim Form (House content) insurance . Advice client to claim under house owner insurance policy as it is more appropriate coverage from his insurance company. (客户咨询与申领表(内部内容)保险。根据客户要求咨询屋主保险政策,因为它是更合适他保险公司的覆盖范围。) Under Process December 28, 2009 Fire and Perils     Bank Staff / Schoolmate(银行职员及校友) 
Not informed Own damage claim in Honda Franchisee Workshop Call Lonpac to speed up adjuster report for approval Approved January 18, 2013 Inland Transit     Director of a consultant company 
2013 01 10 Accidental damage to good under transit for GIT policy W/121MM50/2175221KUL-01 Chasing for evaluation of loss Anthony David Senior Loss Adjuster Mobile : 016-982 6282 Email : ---------------------------------- McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd No.45-2, Jalan Tiara 2C/KU1, Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Ph: +603 3343 3613 Fax: +603 3343 3723 .Please furnish us with the following documents: 1. Delivery order 2. Invoice and packing list 3. Loading manifest 4, Police report 5. Particular of the lorry and the driver 6. Lorry maintenance record for the past 3 months. 7. Official claim billl debit note 8. Basis of rejection by the cargo owner 9. Photographs taken at the scene of the accident 10. Arrangement for us to meet and obtained statement from the lorry driver who involved in the transit. 11 . Agreement between the Insured and Kian Joo-Visypark Sdn Bhd  Pending for Submission January 18, 2013 Inland Transit Elizabeth Gill (Country Marine Manager) Insured : Gawajaya Industries Sdn bhd, Our ref : SAM24511, Your ref : Please advise - First Letter Adjusters acknowledgement W/121MM50/2175221KUL-01  Lorry Transport 
March 2010 Medical Surgery  Approved April 30, 2010 Accident / Health 087011793_LYE-6479162A_LOH HOON MEI 087011793_LYE-6479162A_LOH HOON MEI   Office Assistant 
2013-08-16 Own damage claim incurred Chasing for Approval Approved August 26, 2013 Motor-Own Damage   InsurerRpt-for-Repairer.PDF InsurerOfferLetterDV.PDF This claim is handled by : Ding Sung Sung DID number : 03-20583423 Email address: :  Executive 
2014 06 24 Break In Premises for Burglary Loss Adjuster Assignment to assess losses and report Under Process June 17, 2014 Burglary Police Report ACE Jerneh confirmation of appointment for adjuster Photograph of break-in.  Retail 
2014 04 14 USJ Starville Management/ Windstorm damage to rain gutter downpipe on 14/4/14 (F4033165/TPS) Improving claim amount as insuring amount is on Reinstatement Value basis and current market valuation adopted in compliance to Strata Title Management ACt 2013 Approved  Fire and Perils Payment discharge to insured bank account Correspondence for improvement of claim amount   Property Management & JMB - Apartment 
2009 09 17 WEH 7066_1APC000934-004 Paid_2009 11 16 Approved  Motor-Own Damage ACE Claims_Chang Wui Yee_WEH 7066_1APC000934-004_OwnDamage_DOA_2009 09 17_Date Paid_2009 11 16    Site Supervisor -Electrical Engineering 
2018 10  Being defense and appeal cost for professional negligence which was brought up by principle of a consultancy job on M & E  Approved  Professional Indemnity      
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