Commercial Vehicles (A Permit) - Calculator (Obsolete since detariffication)


Schedule 1 - Vehicle operating under:-

 (i) "C " Haulage Permits (West Malaysia) (ii) "A" License Plates (Republic of Singapore)
 (iii) "B" Haulage Permits (West Malaysia) (iv) "B" License Plates (Republic of Singapore) (Use for hire or reward 
       limited to a specified firm)
 (v) "B" License Plates (Republic of Singapore) (Not use for the carriage of goods and passenger for hire or reward) Use for the carriage of passengers (other than for hire or reward) is not excluded.

We are sorry as your proposed vehicle falls under our lists of Referred Risks. We suggest that you contact 016-2348808 (SPA) Office for more information.

*****All Premium in Gross without NCD*****
A 6% Govt Service Tax and Stamp Duty Will Be Imposed on the premium under the table before 
reaching the premium plus loading of premium to be determine by individual company.

schedule of premium_"A" Permit_up to 55 ton_ commercial vehicle tariff_excel 2007

^^^ ^^^

Third Party Fire and Theft - 65% of Comprehensive premium. (Endorsement No. 3(q) must be used).
1. Jeeps used as Goods Carrying Vehicle are to be rated as not exceeding 10 cwt.
2. Fuel Oil Transports not exceeding 800 gallons capacity to be rated as 3 tons.
3. Use for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward, provided the insured holds a permit form R.O.V,
an extra premium of RM12/- per passenger may be charged in addition to the above rates, with

Endorsement No.19 attached and the Certificate of Insurance suitably amended.


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