A Flexible Financial Plan To Owning Your Ideal Home

Whether you are buying your first house, looking to refinance or purchasing an investment property, Affin Home Solutions is the ideal choice for you. It is more than just a home loan, it will help you manage your finances, upgrade your home and save interest costs.

We also give you flexible options with our flexi package, which allows for combinations of Term and overdraft financing. Affin Home Solutions is more than a conventional housing loan, it is a financial planning solutions that helps you achieve your life and family goals.

Talk to us to find out how AFFIN Home Solutions can help you buy your home as well as help you plan your future.


Affin Home Solutions helps you:

  • Better manage your cashflow
  • Buy in a better locations
  • Buy a better property, e.g. a corner lot rather than an intermediate lot
  • In your financial planning, e.g. retirement and children's education
  • Save overall interest costs ... and much much more!

Come talk to us and let us customise a solutions that suits your needs.

Terms & Conditions

  • The package is applicable for a property value of RM200,000 and above
  • Margin of Finance (MOF) - Up to 95%, inclusive of MRTA and Moving Cost
  • Tenor - 45 years or up to the age of 75, whichever is earlier
  • Retention or Lock-In:

    a) Applicable to settlements within 5 years from full disbursement date
    b) Penalty amount - 3% of Original Loan Amount if redeemed after 3 years but within 5 years
    b) Penalty amount - 5% Original Loan Amount if redeemed within 3 years

  • MRTA - We strongly encourage you to take MRTA to ensure that you and your family are protected.
  • Moving Cost - Zero cost packages available. However, the amount can also be included in the loan, subject to a maximum of 95% overall MOF. Moving Cost is strictly defined as documentation cost, stamping fee and valution fee. Disbursement on these portions is to be made directly to the respective beneficiaries.
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