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Own a Home while we protect your interest
Muamalat Home Financing-i is based on the concept of Al-Bai Bithaman Ajil which incorporates the Shariah principles of contract of sale with deferred payment. In essence, the Bank will purchase the required asset at a cost price and then sell it back to the customer at a profit on deferred payment basis at the duration and price agreed by both parties.
Convenient and comprehensive with peace-of-mind benefit
Attractive and competitive profit rates, extra long tenor and high margin of financing.
Convenient with network of branches and service centres throughout the nation.
Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT) plan for pure peace-of-mind benefits.
Flexibility of payment available at all branches.
Types of Financing
Application Form
Do-It-Yourself. Download and print the Home Financing Application Form here
How to Apply / Documents Required
Photocopy of I/C of applicant(s)
Latest 3 months salary slips
Latest J/ EA Form
Confirmation letter from employer
Original S&P Agreement/ booking sheet/ down payment receipt
Business Registration, Form 24, Form 49, Form A or B, Form D (for self employed which ever applicable)
Latest 3 months Bank Statement
Any additional documents if required by the Bank

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