AM-Gen 3 Plus Premier

AmGen 3+ Premier Enjoy continuous income*& benefits up to age 85

AmGen3+ Premier Enjoy continuous income* & benefits up to age 85
  • Up to three (3) generations of lifetime protection and benefits
  • Continous income* up to age 85
  • The basic Sum Assured will increased by 3% yearly starting f rom inception of policy until the 20th policy year
  • Money for dreamed vacation
  • Working capital for new business
  • Funding children’s education
  • Yearly income for your loved ones
  • Instant estate creation
  • Leaving a legacy for your loved ones when you are no longer around
Features & Benefits
AmGen3+ Premier is a 20-year Limited Premium Payment participating Whole Life plan with increasing Sum Assured that matures at the age of 85** with,

Guaranteed And Fully Paid Up Option (FPU)
You have the option to make this policy FPU after the end of the 10th policy year. The FPU Sum Assured will be based on the increased Sum Assured amount at the point of the FPU. Thereafter no premiums are required.

Guaranteed Annual Payment (GAP)***
You can enjoy a regular stream of income with GAP until maturity age of 85:
  • Guaranteed
  • 4.0% of Initial Sum Assured
  • Tax Free
  • Payable annually after 10th Policy Year
Cash Divident****
Cash dividends may be declared annually from the end of 3rd policy year. You have the option to:
  • Offset the next annual premium and still enjoy the protection.
  • Leave with the company to accumulate with interest
  • Withdraw the money
If no option is chosen, the default option shall be Option 2.

Terminal Dividends****
Terminal dividends may be payable upon:-
  • Death/TPD
  • Maturity
  • Surrender
Maturity Benefit
On the maturity date, you will enjoy your savings with AmGen3+ Premier:
  • Basic Sum Assured#
  • Accumulated Cash Dividends****
  • Terminal Dividends****
  • GAP****
Income Replacement Coverage
Upon Total Disability (TPD) before age 65;
  • Basic Sum Assured#
  • Accumulated Cash Dividends****
  • Terminal Dividends****
are payable to cushion the financial shock you and your family experienced.

Life Insurance Coverage
The amount payable to your loved ones in the event of death would be:
  • Basic Sum Assured#
  • Accumulated Cash Dividends****
  • Terminal Dividends****
*       Starts from either the 10th or 15th policy year onwards
**      Cash Dividends and Terminal Dividends are not guaranteed and is subject to Company's performance.
***     Plan matures at age 85 or expires in the event of Death/TPD when claim is payable.
****   GAP will accumulate with interest if left with the Company.
#      36 Critical Illness as stated in the contract.

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