Set your future on the right path.
There are many types of investment plan in the market today that reflects the growing awareness among people to plan their future and protect themselves in times of need. Most plan are either strictly investment plan that aim to generate income/returns or merely provide protection. Plan that offer a combination of both savings and protection are often one part heavier than the other.

At AmLife Insurance Berhad, we hold firm to our belief that every individual deserves only the best we can offer.

Introducing AmLifestyle, a Non participating Open-End Regular Premium Investment Linked Plan designed tp provide the perfect balance between investment and protection in a single comprehensive plan. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both worlds at an affordable premium in just one unique plan.

A plan that plans for your needs throughout the vital stages of your life.

Your needs constantly change as you progress in life. The need for savings, protection, funding your children's education, wealth creation as well as retirement are important phases that requires adequate financial planning to ensure these goals are met. With the AmLifestyle, your life can be that much balanced and fulfilling as your needs and priorities at every life stage are taken of.

The benefits of AmLifestyle

AmLifestyle is an Investment Linked Whole Life policy expiring at age 99 that offers an array of benefits under the plan which are:
- Death or Total & Permanent Disability (TPD).
In the event of death or TPD at any time when the policy is in force, the Guaranteed Basic Sum Assured PLUS the current value of units at unit price is payable. TPD benefits are payable only up to age 65. The maximum TPD limit is RM 1 Million.

- Critical Illness.
In the event of critical illness at any time when the policy is in force, the Basic Sum Assured is payable. The policy will remain in force until a claim is made for death or TPD. Critical illness coverage is provided up to the age of 99. The maximum limit for this benefit payout is RM1 million.

- Surrender.
The policy may be surrendered anytime at the current value of units at unit price less a surrender charge.

- Partial Withdrawal Charge.
A partial withdrawal charge of RM50 per withdrawal, subject to a minimum withdrawal amount of RM1,000 and minimum investment balance of RM2,000 across all funds.

- Maturity.
Upon maturity, the current value of units at unit price is payable.

- Nature of Participation.
This is a non-participation policy.

How does the investment factor come into play?
The premium will be split between insurance and investment premiums and thereafter allocated to units after applying the allocation rates for both insurance and investment premium. The allocation rates varies by policy year. The allocated premiums will purchase units in the funds chosen by the policyholder at the unit price of the respective funds:
1) Equity Fund.
2) Balanced Fund.
3) Bond Fund.
4) Dana Teguh.
5) AmOasis Islamic Equity Fund.
6) AmLife Insurance Berhad Global Emerging Market Fund.
7) AmLife Insurance Berhad Global Agribusiness Fund.
8) AmLife Insurance Berhad Precious Metals Fund.

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