AM-Medic Flexi Plus

A caring plan with greater coverage and flexibility

Fabulous 9
  • Comprehensive Coverage with hospital, surgical, medical and other related benefits
  • 24-hour Worldwide Protection*
  • Affordable Premiums as low as RM 0.38 per day**
  • Coverage up to RM1,000,000 Lifetime Limit and RM200,000 Overall Annual Limit
  • Conditionally Guaranteed Policy Renewal# up to Age 80
  • No Health Declaration or Medical Check-Up is required for policy renewal
  • Flexibility to be sold as standalone or top up with an existing Am Assurance life policy.
  • Funeral Expense up to RM10,000
  • Tax relief Gain instant medical income tax relief

* Overseas treatments are subject to exclusions,
    limitations and conditions
** Based on Annual Premium rates of 6-17 age band
    for plan
#      Subject to Portfolio Withdrawal Condition
##   Or any retirement age in accordance to the                    Statutory Retirement Age
### Subject to eligibility from Inland Revenue Board

It’s So Flexible
  • Versatile coverage with $ Available Plans
  • Your choice of Hospital for professional medical advice and care
  • Hassle Free Cashless Admission

  • You may opt for Flexible Protection Options (Deductibles) where you can decide to pay the first RM2,000, RM5,000, RM10,000, RM15,000, RM30,000 or RM50,000 of your hospitalization bills. Or you may select the Zero deductible for full protection and we eill pay your hospitalization bill subject to your choice of plan’s Annual Limit and Lifetime Limit.

Important Facts & Features
  1. Hospital Admission Card – Please contact member’s hotline for verifications & hospital admission guarantee arrangements (Only medically necessary expenses will be guaranteed. Policyholder will be responsible to pay directly to the hospital for any ineligible expenses or for any amounts exceeding the Plan’s Limits).

  2. Upgraded Room & Board Co-Payment – Should the Insured Person be hospitalized at a published Room & Board rate higher than his/her eligible benefit, the Insured Person shall bear 20% of the other eligible benefits described in the Schedule of Benefits.

  3. Overseas Treatment
    • overseas treatment subject to Policy exclusions, limitations and conditions.
    • eligible claims shall be reimbursed based on the official exchange rate applicable as at claims approval date.
    • cost of transportation to place of treatment must be consequence of a Medical Emergency.
    • eligible overseas treatment must be consequence of a Medical Emergency.
    • overseas treatment of any disability diagnosed in Malaysia and non-emergency or chronic conditions are ineligible & excluded.

  4. Portfolio Withdrawal – he Company reserves the right to cancel the portfolio as a whole if it decides to discontinue underwriting this insurance product. Cancellation of the portfolio as a whole shall be given written notice to the Policyholder at least thirty (30) days in advance and the Company will run off all policies the expiry of the period of cover within the portfolio.

  5. Premiums – The premium rate is banded according to the plan type chosen and is payable according to each member’s age on each policy year anniversary. The Company reserves the right to revise the premium rates applicable at policy anniversary by giving thirty (30) days prior written notice to the policyholder.
Rancangan kesayangan dengan liputan yang lebih memuaskan dan fleksiber.

  •  Perlindungan menyeluruh dengan hospital, pembedahan, perubatan dan manfaat berkaitan yang lain
  • Perlindungan 24-jam Antarabangsa*
  • Premium Terjangkau serendah RM 0.38 per hari **
  • Perlindungan sehingga RM1, 000,000 Batas Seumur hidup dan RM200,000 Had Keseluruhan Tahunan
  • Jaminan Pembaharuan Polisi dengan syarat ditentukan sampai Usia 80
  • Tiada Perisytiharan Kesihatan dan Pemeriksaan Kesihatan diperlukan untuk pembaharuan polisi
  • Fleksibiliti untuk dijual sebagai pelan tunggal atau top-up untuk polisi Am-Ass. yang sedia ada.

  • 全面覆盖与医院,手术,医疗及其他相关福利
  • 24小时全球保障*
  • #负担得起的保费低至每天0.38 马币**
  • 最高赔偿1,000,000令吉,寿命极限和200,000令吉总年度上限
  • 有条件保证续保至80岁
  • 没有身体检查健康声明是需要续保
  • 灵活性,可以作为独立出售并添加到现有的AM-Assurance寿险保单
  • 殡葬费用高达10,000令吉
  • 税收减免。获得即时的医疗减免所得税

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