AM-Sihat Malaysia

Malaysians Protecting Malaysians

A Managed Health plan designed to cover a comprehensive range of medical, surgical and hospitalization costs, ambulance fees and other medical related charges.

Product Coverage
Age Limit - The plans shall cover eligible persons between the ages of 15 days to 59 years, renewable up to 69 years
Conditions - *Premiums payable will increase with age, as indicated by the relevant Age Band for the SIHAT MALAYSIA Plans purchased.

  • Daily Room & Board (Max. 150 days)
  • Intensive Care Unit (Max. 75 days)
  • Hospital Supplies & Services
  • Operating Theatre

Surgical - Surgical expenses comprising the following, but excluding organ transplantation
  • Pre-Surgical Diagnostic Services
  • Pre-Surgical Specialist Consultation
  • Surgical Fees
  • Anaesthetist's Fees

- Medical Expenses for non-surgical treatment comprising
  • Pre-Hospital Diagnostic Services
  • Pre-Hospitalisation Specialist Consultation
  • Daily In-Hospital Physician's Visit (Max. 60 days)
  • Post Hospitalisation Treatment (within 31 days from discharge)

  • Emergency Out-Patient Treatment for Accident Only (within 24 hours)
  • Out-Patient Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Ambulance Fees
  • Monthly Out-Patient Kidney Dialysis & Cancer Treatment

Organ Transplantation
  • Heart, Kidney, Lung, Liver or Bone Marrow

  • Daily Government Hospital Cash Allowance (Max. 150 days)
  • Insured Child's Daily Guardian Benefit (Max. 60 days)

Family may be Insured
  • Your policy may cover spouse and dependent children subject to the following:
    • a spouse who is below the age of fifty-nice (59) at the time of first inclusion. Once included, the spouse may continue to be included up to age sixty-nice (69).
    • unmarried children between the age of fifteen (15) days and nineteen (19) years. For dependent children who are fulltime students of insitution of higher education, the age limit is twenty-three (23) years.
  • Each family member is entitled to the full benefits up to separate overall annual limits.
  • Premium will be charged separately for each member according to the plan and age.

Family Discount
  • A family discount of 12% is allowed on the total premium for family with three (3) members or more.

Renewal Discount
  • If your policy is accepted for renewal by your insurer, you will enjoy 10% renewal discount on your renewed policy.

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