Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance Policy

The Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) policy is designed to offer protection for third-party environmental liabilities arising out of the covered operations of the insured. An array of coverage is available for the insured and their subcontractors with each solution tailored by our principal Insurer Environmental Risk to meet their special needs.

Key Benefits
• Coverage for sudden and accidental and gradual pollution
• Claims-made or occurrence forms available
• Coverage on a practice or project-specialist basis
• Pollution ‘wrap-up’ solutions available for remediation or construction projects
• Automatic coverage for biodiversity (natural resource) damage
• Damage to third-party property including diminishment in value Coverage Summary
• Liability for third-party bodily injury, property damage, trespass, nuisance or obstruction
• Indemnity for clean-up costs incurred by the insured in relation to such third-party claims
• Costs and expenses included for all claims within the policy limits

Errors and Omissions

Our principal Insurer's Environmental Risk can also offer professional liability coverage as an extension to the CPL policy. This will provide coverage for third-party claims due to pollution conditions, which arise out of the errors or omissions of the insured whilst performing professional services.

Programme Parameters
• Limits available up to USD 25 million per policy
• Minimum retentions of USD 7,500
• Minimum premium of USD 7,500

Our principal Insurer's  Environmental Risk
• With full underwriting authority within 
Our principal Insurers, we are able to maximize: - responsiveness to the local needs of insureds - Flexibility in coverage provided through bespoke solutions - consistency in our approach, and appetite
• As part of 
Our principal Insurers, we are supported by a  1st-class network of offices throughout the region with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Contact Details
For further information, please contact:

Simon Poon

SPA & Associates

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