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Insurance Firms See Rise In Claims By Rupinder Singh in chinese translation Published: 2009/04/02

Our Adjusters Market Valuation (Ace Jerneh Insurance Berhad)

Insuring your new vehicle - with COST CONSIDERATION!

For all the new cars owners, even with rising costs, people don't fuss about their car insurance. After all, why should they when it's so time consuming & boring?
It's far more exciting to pick the latest dvds, buy the latest mobile phone, or even queue up for hours at the movies.

So, shouldn't you choose your car insurer wisely? Look around. Ask others and see what they give you for your money.

Then you will see why Ace Jerneh Insurance Berhad is different!

To be consistent and in line with the Motor business market trend, we are pleased to announce the "Agreed Value "

Sum insured for New Private vehicles. This benefit shall be available effective immediately.

The terms of the Agreed Value policy are as below:

1. New Vehicle Registration (up to the first 5 years).

The Agreed Value policy is available ONLY for New Vehicles. This also applies to fully import vehicles,

under New Registration in JPJ. This benefit will be provided for the initial 5 years of the vehicle. Upon 6th

year renewal, this benefit shall be automatically ceased and the Sum Insured will be as accordance to

Market value.

2. Sum Insured must not be greater than RM250,000.

The Sum Insured to be accepted as Agreed Value shall be no more than RM250,000. This is in accordance

to the limit posed in FLAS e-cover note system ..

3. New (first year) vehicle to be insured at Purchase Price.

The Agreed Value for the 1st year will be in accordance with the Purchase Price less the Motor

Insurance premium and Road tax amount.

4. 10% Depreciation for 2nd, 3rd,, 4th and 5th year renewal.
The Company has set on 10% depreciation rate each year on the Sum Insured for the subsequent
renewal on 2nd , 3rd, 4th and 5th year.

Enlighten your pocket
Until you realize that hundreds and even thousands of ringgit of car insurance premium has burnt
holes in your pocket due to valuation of car value, cancellation refund, transfer of NCD new vehicle,
insuring your vehicle without proper additional cover such as flood & convulsion,legal liability
of passenger, windscreen damage, etc Issuance of the cover-note within 48-hours upon approval
Guaranteed original parts replacement for vehicle up to 5 year of age.
6-months vehicle repair guarantee

No hassle experience!

Just one phone call or click and we'll do all the running for you - for FREE!
We'll renew your road tax ONLINE and return everything to your nominated (applicable for customers
throughout West Malaysia).

Premium Verification

Please Download
Ace Motor Guard with WinXP Office Excel
Ace Motor Guard enchance with WinXP Office Excel or M. Office Excel 1997 - 2003
To verify your premium calculation with link to Insurance Info Website
To verify your premium calculation with link to Auto World Car Insurance Quotation Website
To verify your premium calculation with link to website
Road tax Calculator

Auto assist

ACE JERNEH provides (Seven Eleven) 24 hours x 7 days Auto Assist for minor repairs, breakdowns and towing up to RM300.

Simply more informative!!!
Happening at – learn more about our product approach and
International network of and expertise in financial lines, property, casualty, accident
and health product and risk management programs.

Frequently Asked Question

How Does It Works?

Mr.A bought a brand new vehicle (Gen X) for RM100,000.00 + Road Tax and Insurance (RM2,000)
1st year Agreed Sum Insured: RM100.000 (Purchase Price)
2nd year Agreed Sum Insured: RM 90,000
3rd year Agreed Sum Insured: RM 81,000
4th year Agreed Sum Insured: RM 73,000
5th year Agreed Sum Insured: RM 66,000
6th year agreed Sum Insured: Adjuster Market Valuation)
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To Apply

Call 1-800-88-0045.or your nearest authorized
agent, SIMON POON: 016 234 8808.
Tel/Fax: 603-7772 3698 (agency) or
Fax to 603-20261232 (Ace Home Office)
Skype address: simpoon / simpoon3
Email: ;

Fill up Ace_Motor Insurance_Proposal Form_Passenger PA_Interactive Form


Bahasa Malaysia

Nilai Dipersetujui (Agreed Value)- Insuran Nilai Kenderaan Bermotor Baru atau dalam 5 tahun)

Dimaklumkan rakan-rakan kesayangan / pemegang polisi,

Untuk selaras dan sejajar dengan perniagaan Motor aliran pasaran, 
kami bergembira untuk mengumumkan 'Nilai Dipersetujui' jumlah diinsurankan 
untuk kenderaan pendaftaran peribadi baru. Manfaat akan berkesan dengan segera.

Dasar syarat-syarat bagi Nilai Dipersetujui adalah seperti berikut:

1. Pendaftaran Kenderaan Baru (5 tahun kebawah ). 

Dasar Nilai Dipersetujui tersedia ada hanya untuk Kenderaan Baru. Ini juga digunakan atas 
kenderaan diimport sepenuhnya, di bawah Pendaftaran Baru di JPJ. Manfaat akan menyara 
permulaan 5 tahun sahaja. 

2. Jumlah Diinsurankan tidak boleh melebihi daripada RM250,000. 

Jumlah diinsurankan diterima sebagai Nilai Dipersetujui tidak melebihi daripada 
RM250,000. Ini adalah dalam penyesuaian had ditentukan dalam sistem nota FLAS E COVER

3. Baru (tahun pertama) kenderaan diinsurankan pada Harga Belian. 

Nilai Dipersetujui untuk tahun yang pertama akan menjadi selaras Harga Belian tolak 
jumlah Premium insurans Kenderaan dan cukai Jalanraya. 

4. Kadar 10% susutan Nilai untuk tahun kedua , ketiga , pembaharuan tahun 
keempat dan kelima. 

Syarikat telah menentukan kadar 10% susutan nilai tiap-tiap tahun pada Nilai Diinsurankan 
untuk pembaharuan berikut pada tahun kedua ,ketiga ,tahun keempat dan kelima.

Enlighten your pocket 
Until you realize that hundreds and even thousands of ringgit of car insurance premium has 
burnt holes in your pocket due to valuation of car value, cancellation refund, transfer of NCD 
new vehicle, insuring your vehicle without proper additional cover such as flood & convulsion, 
legal liability of passenger, windscreen damage, etc Penjanaan nota-perlindungan secara online demi 48-jam selepas kelulusan 
Jaminan penggantian alat ganti original untuk kenderaan umur 5 tahun kebawah.
6-bulan jaminan pembaikian kenderaan tuntutan dari kami

Pengalaman tanpa masaalah! 
Cuma satu panggilan ataupun klik dan kami menyempurnakan segala untuk kamu - PERCUMA! 

Kami boleh memperbaharui cukai jalanraya secara online dan kembalkan segala dokumen kepada anda 
secepat mungkin (applicable for customers within city limits only).

Mengenal Pastikan Premium Insuran Kenderaan Anda Ace Motor Guard (Muat turun) WinXP Office Excel 

Ace Motor Guard (Muat turun) WinXP Office Excel (1997 - 2003) Mengenal pastikan penggiraan premium dengan secara online dengan Insurance Info 
Mengenal pastikan penggiraan premium dengan secara online dengan Auto World Car Insurance Quotation 

Mengenal pastikan penggiraan premium anda secara onlne dengan 

Penggiraan Kadar Cukai Jalanraya

Pembantuan Jalanraya
Khidmat PERCUMA (Seven Eleven) 24 Jam x 7 Hari Pembantuan Kenderaan kerosakan kecil, dan 
perkhidmatan tunda sehingga RM300 kadar tuntutan yang berpatutan.

Simply more informative!!! 

Perkembangan urusan syarikat di – ketahuilah lebih mendalam mengenai penjanaan produk , network dan kepakaran insuran dalam bidang kewangan, properti, kasualti, kemalangan dan pengedalian pengurangan risiko kami. 

Soalan Lazim bagi "Agreed Value" 

Bagaimana Ia Berfungsi? 

Encik Misaalah membeli satu kenderaan baru jenama (Generasi X) berharga RM102,000.00. 
Cukai Jalan dan Insuran (RM2,000) 
Tahun pertama Agreed Sum Insured: RM100.000 (Harga Belian)
Tahun kedua Agreed Sum Insured: RM 90,000
Tahun ketiga Agreed Sum Insured: RM 81,000
Tahun keempat Agreed Sum Insured: RM 73,000
Tahun kelima Agreed Sum Insured: RM 66,000 
Tahun keenam keatas: Ikut Harga Pasaran paparan Adjuster. 

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Hubungilah 1-800-88-0045.ataupun ejen sah yang terdekat 
Ejen, SIMON POON: 016 234 8808. 
Tel/Fax: 603-7772 3698 (agency) atau 
Fax to 603-20261232 (Ace Home Office) 
Skype: simpoon / simpoon3 
Email: ;


Other real life Example. 

Mr. Wong Kim Choong _Long March Trading Co. in Jalan Raja Laut lost his lost brand new Toyota Fortuner during 2007 in four (4) months and get only compensated for RM145,000 as initial amount offered was RM140,000 after much negotiation from the insurer.

I personally call up the insurer but to no avail as his car was insured base on market value. 
His car was bought at RM175,000. So a depreciation of almost 20% within four months if you lost your car as they are no market valuation from the used car advertisement, therefore can only rely on the adjuster valuation and recommendation to the insurer for the vehicle valuation at that point of time of the lost. 

As you know, no dog that bites it's master hand will be spare it's life especially in this critical economy.

To all friend and policyholder, please ensure you lock your vehicle securely as the best solution is still prevention rather than cure unless you have time for all these hassle. Global Positioning System in another solution for high value and high risk vehicle as insurer tend to back off with strict underwriting acceptance which require you to spend more.

Helping other mean helping yourself to get out of more inconveniences toward a better life without hassle.

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