C.A.R.T. (Compensated Access Repair Time)

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Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)

• CART means a reasonable amount payable by third party insurance companies as compensation for loss of use of vehicle.

• You can only claim for CART if you are not the party at fault in the accident.

• The number of days allowed for CART is based on insurance loss adjuster’s recommendation on the number of working days estimated to repair the accident-damaged vehicle and not the number of days the accident-damaged vehicle is at the workshop.

• Where receipts are produced for vehicle rentals (only from a licensed car rental company), insurance companies shall pay the amount shown on the receipt and original car rental agreement, subject to the condition that the vehicle rented is of an equivalent model to that of the damaged vehicle. The number of days allowed is based on the insurance loss adjuster’s recommendation on the number of working days estimated to repair the accident-damaged vehicle.

Extension of Compensation For Assessed Repair Time (CART) to Comprehensive Motor Policy (Endorsement 112)

We are pleased to inform that with effect from 15 April 2009, Comprehensive Private Carpolicyholder may purchase extension coverage on Compensation For Assessed Repair Time (CART).

Benefits of CART:

Relief policyholder's financial burden (e.g. expenses incurred on transportation fares or rental of replacement vehicle during the duration of repairs).
An affordable premium. With an additional annual premium of RM70.00 i.e. average 20 cents a day, we will reimburse our policyholder up to 14 days at RM50.00 per day (policyholders may choose the amount per day as per schedule below).
No limit to the number of CART claim made provided the total number of days claimed does not exceed the cover purchased.
Any claim under this endorsement shall not affect the No Claim Discount entitlement.

Premium rating is based on the following:-


Insured chooses 14 days cover for RM50 per day

14 days X RM50 = RM700 (Sum Insured)

Addional Premium: RM700 X 10% = RM70.00

Term and conditions of CART:
The benefit would only be applicable when there is an Own Damage Claim, OD-KFK or where the insured made a third party claim for the damage of the vehicle (excluding theft, total loss or windscreen claim)
Full Compensation for assessed repair time will be paid based on the loss adjuster's assessment of the time required to repair the vehicle and NOT the period the car is laid up at the workshop.
Cover must be from inception of policy (mid-term inclusion is not allowed).
No refund of premium for cancellation of this extension unless cancellation is effected together with the cancellation of the policy.

We look forward to your continuous support and please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further clarification.

Pampasan untuk Taksiran Masa Pembaikan  (CART)

• CART bermaksud amaun yang berpatutan yang perlu dibayar oleh syarikat insurans pihak ketiga sebagai pampasan bagi kehilangan penggunaan kenderaan.

• Anda hanya boleh membuat tuntutan CART sekiranya anda bukan pihak yang bersalah dalam kemalangan tersebut.

• Bilangan hari yang dibenarkan untuk CART berdasarkan pengesahan oleh adjuster insurans kerugian pada bilangan hari bekerja yang dianggarkan untuk membaiki kenderaan yang rosak akibat kemalangan dan bukannya jumlah hari kenderaan yang rosak akibat kemalangan tersebut berada di bengkel.

• Sekiranya resit bagi sewa kenderaan (sah hanya daripada syarikat kereta sewa berlesen), syarikat insurans akan membayar amaun yang dinyatakan dalam resit dan perjanjian sewa kereta asal, tertakluk kepada syarat bahawa kenderaan yang disewa adalah model yang persamaan yang kenderaan yang rosak. Bilangan hari yang dibenarkan berdasarkan pengesahan adjuster insurans pada bilangan hari bekerja yang dianggarkan untuk membaiki kenderaan yang rosak akibat kemalangan.

  • CART 是一个合理的金额赔偿损失车辆的使用由第三方保险公司支付。

  • 如果你不是在事故中有过错的一方,你可以要求(CART)赔偿金。

  • (CART)允许的天数。根据保险理赔的建议,估计修复事故损坏的车辆,而不是事故损坏车辆的天数是在车间工作的天数。

  • 收据,车辆出租(只从授权的汽车租赁公司),保险公司应当支付收据上显示的金额和原车的租赁协议,主体的情况下,车辆租用的等效模型的损坏车辆。允许的天数是基于数个工作日内,估计修复损坏的事故车辆保险理赔的建议。


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