SME - ACE Retail Guard Solution (零售卫队解决方案)

ACE Solution


Perils/Extensions available (subject to additional premium)

  1. Riot Strike and Malicious Damage
    • Other than residential properties
  2. Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption
  3. Storm Tempest
  4. Flood
  5. Explosions
    • Industrial without boilers
    • Industrial with boilers
    • Non-Industrial without boilers
    • Non-Industrial with boilers
  6. Aircraft Damage
  7. Impact Damage
    • Excluding insured's own vehicles
    • Including insured's own vehicles
  8. Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks Apparatus or Pipes:
    • Building exceeding 5 storey (including Mezzanine)
    • Others
  9. Bush/Lalang Fire
  10. Spontaneous Combustion
    • by fire only
    • full cover
  11. Electrical Installations Clause (B)
  12. Subsidence & Landslip
  13. Damage by falling trees or branches and objects therefrom
  •  Burglary Insurance
The policy affords cover for loss of or damage to the property insured by Theft whilst contained in the Business or Trade premises.
(i) THEFT accompanied by Actual, Forcible and Violent ENTRY.
(ii) By THEFT committed by any person (other than an employee) illegally                     
concealed in the premises.
(iii) Resulting of armed robbery.
(iv) Resulting in damage to the Property Insured.
(v) Resulting in damage to the Premises due to such Theft or an attempt 

Revolving Door Accident

Money In Transit / In Premises
Scope of Cover
The policy covers loss of money by any cause whatsoever in the CIRCUMSTANCES or SITUATION described in the policy schedule. This basically includes:-
Section B - All money not paid out on the same day on which it is received from the bank must be securely locked in safe or strong room after business hours. 
i) PREMISES - The place where the daily financial transactions are or administered.
ii) MONEY - Cash, Bank Notes, Currency Notes, Cheques, Postal and Money Orders.
iii) DIRECT TRANSIT - transit
))Section A Money in Premises
))Section B Transit of wages, petty cash and earning
))Section C Direct transit of collections
))Section D Transit of collections with stopover
The Trade/Occupation listed below is the preferred risks that ACE Retail Guard would be able to offer on the given cover, rates as indicated below.
Aquarium Shop (excluding livestock)
Baby Product Shop
Bag and Luggage Shop
Bicycle Shop
Bread and Cake Retailing / Shop
Candy, Nut & Confectionary Stores
Carpet Retail
Ceramic Ware Shop
Clothing and Footwear Retailing
Computer, Electronic Equipment Retailing
Cosmetics Shop
Domestic Appliances Store (Electrical Shop)
Domestic Hardware & Houseware Retailing
Fabric & Other Soft Goods Retailing (Textile)
Fishing Gear Retail
Garden Equipment Store
Gift/souvenir Shop
Hair/ beauty Product Shop
Handicraft Shop
Hardware Store
Healthcare Appliances Shop
Kitchenware Shop
Leader Goods Shop
Lighting Shop
Lingerie / Boutique
Music Instrument Shop
Office Equipment Retail
Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Store
Pest control Services
Pet Shop (excluding Livestock)
Pharmaceutical Shop
Plastic ware Shop
Plumbing Services
Sport & Camping Equipment Store
Stationery Shop
Tailor Shop
Titbits Shop
Toiletries Shop
Sundry Shop
Any other Trade/Occupation that does not fall within this listing,
ACE will be pleased to look at the risk on an accommodation basis.

Banting Kuala Langat Fire Disaster


Ace Retail Guard is specially tailor-made comprehensive insurance cover to suit selected type of low risk business exposure base on company's underwriting and market claims experience.

什么是ACE 的零售守卫
ACE零售卫队是 专门特制的综合保险,以满足低风险业务,选择对公司的承保风险和市场要求的经验的基础类型。
Narrowing down the exposure mean business of selected occupation can safe and enjoy a lower rates for their insurance premium thus reducing their expenditure, time incurred to deal with shopping for insurance, improve security on their business.
Scope of Cover
The basis policy provides cover to the insured in the event of loss or damage to the insured property caused by :-
  1. Fire
  2. Lightning
  3. Explosion of gas used for domestic purposes

Small Business Insurance

◦Fire consequential loss (消防相应损失)

The Fire Consequential Loss is taken up to supplement the Fire Policy to enable the Insured to cover his loss of profits during the period in which his business has been interrupted
( as a result of the fire or other perils insured under the fire policy).
消防间接损失是 采取以补消防政策,使被保险人为了掩盖自己的利润损失,在这期间他的业务已经中断期
(作为火灾或火灾等危险保险政策的结 果)。
We will write Fire Consequential Loss Insurance only if the client satisfies the following criteria:
a) it is genuine business concern
b) has good track record in this business
c) has a proper accounting system
d) has a corresponding Fire Policy insured with our principal insurance company
我们将写火灾间 接损失保险只有在客户端符合以下条件:
d)具有相应的 消防政策与我们的主要保险公司投保

*Public Liability

Scope of Cover
i) Accidental bodily injury to any person NOT being a member of the Insured's or any person in the services of the Insured.
ii) Accidental damage to property NOT belonging to or in the custody or control of the Insured.
iii) Any legal expenses incurred by the Insured in defending legal proceeding with the Company's written consent.
Extensions Available (loading of 5%) Exclusions Buy back
i) Fire and explosion
ii) Defective sanitary arrangements c)
iii) Loading and unloading
iv) Food and Drinks Poisoning (usually with a Lower Limit specifically for c) restaurant and/or food operators
and applicable for any one accident or in the aggregate during the period of insurance)
v) Passengers / Service Lifts and Escalators b)partial
vi) Innkeeper's liability covers for Hotel establishments
vii) Professional negligence

It Shouldn't happen to me

  • All risk cover are readily available as an option in the exposure of certain expensive machinery, equipments, which are not suitable for fire & burglary insurance cover as some accidental exposure limitation from the policy coverage limitations.
  • Plate Glass and Signboard Insurance
    On Plate Glass and Signboards up to Sum Insured selectively as RM5,000 , RM 10,000 or RM15,000.
    Fidelity Guarantee (Maximum 30 Employees) On 30 employees of the Insured Excess: RM 250 each and every loss
  • Employer’s Liability (Maximum 30 Employees) On 30 employees of the Insured  
  • Goods-in-Transit On the Insured property whilst in transit (Maximum Limit Per Carrying RM 500,000) Description of Goods:
    Estimated Annual Carrying:
  • Group Personal/In Hospital/ Critical Illness

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