3rd Principal Group Medical Insurance - For Foreign Workers

All foreign workers employed in Malaysia must be covered by medical insurance, in a Government ruling which will take effect on Jan 1 next year.

In announcing this, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said each worker must have a medical insurance coverage with an annual premium of RM120.

Liow said the move was to ensure foreign workers' medical bills were taken care of and would not burden the Government, adding that to date, RM18mil was owed by foreigners seeking treatment at government hospitals.

"The Government has incurred costs because some foreigners who sought treatment at (government) hospitals left without settling their bills or were only able to make partial payment.

"Now that they have medical insurance coverage, we hope this problem can be overcome," he told reporters after opening the ministry's management conference at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre here Thursday.

Liow said employers hiring new foreign workers would have to enclose a copy of the medical insurance for their prospective employees when applying for a work permit.

For existing foreign workers, employers would have to submit a copy of the insurance policy when renewing their work permit, Liow said.



Air traffic controller.
Alcoholic beverages and drinking places.
Aviation Industry – Pilots or Flight Crews, Balloonist, Crop Duster, Firefighter, Flight Instructor, etc.
Blaster or explosive handlers.
Chemical and Allied Products.
Commercial / Professional sports (eg. football, badminton etc.)
Disinfecting and pest control services.
Fishing (commercial).
Healthcare provider i.e. hospital, clinic etc
Member of Police force, Fire brigade, Security guards, Naval, Military, Air force service and operations.
Mining (all types) or oil rig (off shore)
Multi Level Marketing
Racing jockeys.
Radium workers / Nuclear Energy (Reactions, Radiation, Contamination).
Scrap and waste materials.
Ship crews.
Steep jackers.
Stuntlady / Stuntman.
Steep jackers.
Stuntlady / Stuntman.
Transportation by air.
Tunnel workers.
Zoo Attendant.

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