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“T- shape " environmental protection toothbrush

"T-shape" environmental protection toothbrush, also known as multi-directional toothbrush, has a removable and replaceable brush head that can be connected to the handle in two different directions.

"T-shape" environmental protection toothbrush is an innovative product that will soon replace the traditional toothbrush, because it is scientifically proven to be a more effective and reasonable toothbrush as compared to the traditional toothbrush.

"T-shape" environmental protection toothbrush has the following features: --

  1. The two direction of brush
  2. Environmental Friendly
  3. High-quality brush
  4. Enable correct brushing direction easily
  5. Will enhance user's interest in brushing
  6. Clean the teeth more effectively
  7. Will reduce harm to the gums
  8. Effective and easy in removing coffee and tobacco stains
  9. Effective in reducing tooth decay
  10. Save costs and space



“T-形”环保牙刷拥有如下所示的特殊功能 :-

  1.  两种方向刷头
  2.  环保
  3.  高品质刷头
  4.  更轻松的正确刷牙

  5.  增强刷牙的兴趣
  6.  更有效的清洁牙齿
  7.  减少对牙龈的伤害
  8.  有效及容易的清除咖啡及烟草的污迹.
  9.  有效减少蛀牙
 10. 节省费用及空间

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