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Types of Motor Insurance Coverage...Scroll Mouse Below 

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include Free Breakdown Service, Free Towing, Discounts, Housing Loan

What is AGREED VALUE cover? ..... Endorsement 87 What is Market Value Option Policy?

Endorsement 87 is included in your motor policy, then your motor  insurance cover is accepted on an agreed value basis with the Insurer

'Endorsement 87 - Agreed Value' states that:- "The Insure will pay You the agreed amount as specified in the Schedule of the Policy in the event Your vehicle is stolen or totally destroyed during the Period of Insurance provided the Insurer is liable to pay for such loss or destruction under the Terms and Conditions of the Policy."   


Jika Pengendorsan 87 dimasukkan ke dalam polisi insurans motor anda, maka perlindungan insurans motor anda diterima atas dasar nilai yang dipersetujui dengan Penanggung Insurans

'Pengendorsan 87 - Nilai Dipersetujui' menyatakan bahawa: - "Syarikat Insurans akan membayar Anda amaun yang dipersetujui sebagaimana yang dinyata-kan dalam Jadual Polisi sekiranya kenderaan anda dicuri atau musn-ah sama sekali semasa Tempoh Insurans yang disediakan oleh Penginsurans adalah bertanggungan untuk membayar bagi kerugian atau pemusnahan di bawah Terma dan Syarat Polisi ini. "

Short Period Coverage

Short Period Coverage ..... include Rates for short period cover? 
Not exceeding 1 week to 8 months? Refer Condition (Cancellation)

Claims Procedure

include Own Damage Claim, Windscreen Claim, KFK OD Claim and Theft Claim!


What Is Betterment?

What Is Betterment? - Deduction from claim for Parts After Depreciation, wear & tear for vehicle of a certain age limit 5, 7 or 10 years. 

Why do you need to cover Flood, Natural Convulsion (Disaster)?

Endorsement 57 - Flood Cover normally not needed unless your vehicle in highly dependable on electronic component as high-end vehicles usually comes with high maintenance and exorbitant prices of their spare parts as volume of sales in the market is scarce with no back-up and low volume of parts availability in the market. Moreover this country are prone to flash flood as development make natural source of water disperse unnaturally through unfamiliar channel and traffic conditions may also trapped your vehicle in the flood area. Consider this when you insured your vehicle next time. 

An act of natural convulsion. Attack of the coconuts.

Wilful and reckless collision is not an accident ‎‎‎(故意和鲁莽的冲撞是不是一个意外的定义)‎‎‎

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Chain Collision Guideline ..... include who is responsible for who in a chain collision?

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