Road Rage (路霸) Kamarahan Dijalanraya

Police advice on Road Rage

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  • Avoid argument, confrontation and dispute on who is wrong to prevent offensive and aggravating road rage.

  • Make sure your are not injured, if you are, admit your self to hospital immediately for check-up or treatment.
  • If you sense danger or suspicious, write an invitation board big enough to inform the accident party to report the accident to the nearest police station. You may want to keep a sample copy in your car for standby purposes.
  • If you can , take some photo of the party's vehicle/s without getting out your vehicle if you sense danger, note down the following:

  1. REGISTRATION NUMBERS of all vehicles involved in the accident;

  2. NAME of the INSURANCE COMPANY and their policy or certificate number;

  3. NAMES and ADDRESSES of witnesses and sketch a plan of the accident scene; and

EXTENT of the damages and injuries of parties involved.

Lodge a police report within 24 hours and demanding their police officer to take photographs at the accidental scene cause there  is where the prove of evidence of what is happening can be found.

Do not admit liability or commit settlement with Third Party/ies.

You must notify the Insurer (Insurance Company) immediately (even if you do not intend to make a claim) to protect both   yourself and your Insurer against any liability that may arise out of the accident such as unnoticed bodily injury and property damage which can be open up a court case for up to 6 (six) years.


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It is a condition of the policy of insurance that all accidents must be reported to the Insurer within a reasonable period of time.  Failure to do so will constitute a breach of the policy condition and will entitle the Insurer to repudiate all liabilities that may arise out of the accident or recovery of any monies paid as a result. 

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