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Bank  Negara Malaysia

Director General of Insurance Indusrty

Individual General Insurance Statistics (2006)
Table G.1 Revenue Accounts - Income
Table G.2 Revenue Accounts - Expenditure
Table G.3 Liabilities and Assets of Insurance Funds
Table G.4 Premiums
Table G.5 Reinsurance Premiums
Table G.6 Net Premiums and Earned Premium Income
Table G.7 Gross Claims Paid
Table G.8 Claims Recoveries
Table G.9 Net Claims Paid and Net Claims Incurred
Table G.10     Underwriting and Operating Results

Individual Life Insurance Statistics (2006)
Table L.1 Revenue Accounts - Income
Table L.2 Revenue Accounts - Expenditure
Table L.3 Liabilities and Assets of Insurance Funds
Table L.4 New Policies Issued - Individual Life
Table L.5 New Policies Issued - Group Life
Table L.6 Terminations, Transfers and Revivals - Individual Life
Table L.7 Terminations, Transfers and Revivals - Group Life
Table L.8 Policies in Force at End of Year (Excluding Reversionary Bonuses) - Individual Life
Table L.9
Policies in Force at End of Year (Excluding Reversionary Bonuses) - Group Life
Table L.10 Summary of Valuation Reports
Table L.11 Selected Indicators for Ordinary Life

LG. Life and General Insurance Statistics (2006)

Table LG Liabilities and Assets of Malaysian-Incorporated Insurers


Conventional Interbank Rates
Daily average of interbank deposit rates at the Interbank Money Market in Kuala Lumpur, with individual rates being weighted accordingly by the volume of transactions at those rates.
From Jan 1997 to December 2008

Department Of Statistics Malaysia

Latest Malaysian Statistics

Life Expectancy At Birth (Updated 10 Dec 2007)

Collection of Consumer Price 2007
The Department of Statistics, Malaysia carries out monthly consumer price collection for the whole country. It covers a total of 135 collection centres, that is, 98 price collection centres in Peninsular Malaysia, 19 price collection centres in Sabah and 18 in Sarawak. Field officers collect prices of about 460 items from these selected outlets. The main objective of the price collection is to obtain data on prices paid by consumers for fixed items. These data will be used to compute the Consumer Price Index. The Consumer Price Index, in general, will be used as an indicator for price changes and as a 'proxy' of the inflation rate in the country.

Consumer Price Index (Updated 19 Disember 2008)

Producer Price Index (Updated 28 November 2008)

PIAM (Persatuan Insurance Am Malaysia)

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