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Trucks in Malaysia are the major commercial vehicles pertaining to transportation of goods.Trucks in Malaysia fall under the heavy vehicle segment and are consider-ed the lifeline of all the major trade and commerce activities.

Trucks are generally used for the purpose of transporting materials and goods in huge volumes. Trucks in Malaysia are considered very important for the growth and smooth flow of commercial activities. Trucks in Malaysia are divided into categories on the basis and licensing of their usage.

Licensing for Commercial Vehicles by the CVLB of Peninsular Malaysia

a. Goods Vehicle License
     Goods Vehicle License is divided into two classes:

• License A (LA) Carriers - issued to vehicles carrying items for rent and hire

• License C (LC) Carriers - issued to vehicles carrying privately owned items

b. Public Service Vehicle License
    Public Service Vehicle License is divided into the                    following classes:

    • Stage Buses   
    • Charter Buses
    • Express Buses   
    • Mini Buses
    • Feeder Buses   
    • School Buses
    • Cars for Hire
    • Cars for Hire and Drive 
    • Taxis
    • Airport Taxis   
    • Limousine Taxis
    • Other classes as approved by the Minister
       from time to time


The minimum capacity required for a vehicle to be licensed according to the category is as follow:

a. Driving license A: No minimum capacity
b. Driving license C: Capacity of 5,001 kg onwards

The different categories trucks in Malaysia are:
  • Haulage trucks
  • Tipper trucks
  • Rigid trucks
  • Cab trucks
  • Trailers trucks
  • Delivery vans
    Our Truck Varieties Form

Hook Lift

  • Palm Fruit Trailer
  • Refuse Compaction Truck


  • Refuse Container
  • Scissors Lift Trailer
  • Tailgate Loader
  • Tipper Truck
  • Tow Truck
  • Water Tanker
  • Wood Chipper
Major manufacturers of trucks in Malaysia:

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